About Us

Swayana was founded in 2016 as a Black Economic Empowered company that aims to become a reputable player in the South African green fuels and chemical industry. Newly founded, the company is led by Mr. Joseph Zinyana and Dr Kokkie Swanepoel – both of whom have many years of engineering experience and are successful businessmen.

Swayana was formed to consolidate and leverage the successful 21-year history of it’s sister company Thermtron Scientific – of which Dr Swanepoel was a founding director. Focused on developing projects in the green fuels and chemical industry, Dr Swanepoel teamed up with Joseph Zinyana – who since the early 2000’s has developed and run a very profitable welding and speciality engineering solutions company – New Age Engineering Solutions.

Swayana is a forward-thinking company that will build an industry, generate jobs, be sustainable and use science and technology to accomplish their big ideas.


To enable the industrialization of a green economy in African nations by breaking in technologies that cultivate a sustainable future.

“Symbiotic relationships mean creative partnerships. The earth is to be seen neither as an ecosystem to be preserved unchanged nor as a quarry to be exploited for selfish and short-range economic reasons, but as a garden to be cultivated for the development of its potentialities of the human adventure. The goal of this relationship is not the maintenance of the status quo, but the emergence of new phenomena and new values.” – René Jules Dubos (1901 – 1982)


We are dedicated in developing partnerships with government, industry partners and scientists, to drive industrialization so that the benefits are realized throughout the value chain, from a healthier environment and employed Africans to a prosperous shareholder.


Swayana engages with various waste generators, sources the best-fit breaking technology, secures relationships and develops project pipelines where commercialization and industrialization can flourish.  The developed projects must be used to grow manufacturing-focused SMME’s in Sub-Saharan Africa that prove their transformational nature in both business and manufacturing.

Meet The Team

Joseph Zinyana

Joseph started his career in 1994 as an educator, transitioning into the field of engineering in the early 2000’s. He is the owner of a professional welding business, New-Age Engineering Solutions, servicing clients such as Sasol, Engen, Eskom, PetroSA and Chevron. New-Age started in 2004 and employs over 100 people. Joseph is known as the welding specialist to his clients, resulting from his long-term commitment to education and knowledge growth in the welding sector. He is an entrepreneur who invests in the South African economy with businesses in tourism, beverages and technology development.

Jacobus Swanepoel (Kokkie)

Kokkie has worked over 30 years in the fields of energy and minerals beneficiation, starting his career in 1982. Kokkie has been the project sponsor and manager for more than 250 projects including due diligences, reviews, concepts, studies, turnkey design packages and construction of plants. His knowledge in various specialized fields has been a key to his success in developing technologies. Kokkie is also an entrepreneur and started a company, Thermtron Scientific, in 1995 in the technology development field, he returned to his position of managing director in 2015 to continue developing ideas into industries.

Aleksandra Paton (Ola)

Ola is a qualified professional engineer with 10 years of experience. Ola started her career in Middelburg Ferrochrome in operations, followed by 6 years in the engineering consulting and design environment at Hatch and Thermtron Scientific. Her core experience includes project management, design, operations management and commissioning. She has international experience which includes the processing of copper, ferroalloys, titano-magnetite, vanadium, gold, PGM's, ilmenite, molybdenum hexafluoride, silane and carbon rich gas streams. Ola joined Swayana in 2017 and is passionately supporting the in-house development of projects related to green fuels and chemicals processes.

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